Welcome to the 2024 Redox Intramural Open!

Important Links

Start here each week

Links for before WOD Announcement (anytime BEFORE 5pm Thursday)

WOD Guess Submission Form - submit before 11:59pm Wednesday each week (5 pts)

New Movement Guess Form - submit anytime during the open, before the new movement is announced (3 pts)

Links for before the workout (anytime after 4pm Thursday but before Saturday morning)

Heat Request Form - submit desired heat by 7p Friday - final heats released 9pm Friday

Judging Volunteer Form - submit if you are not competing but are willing to judge


Links for AFTER the workout (submit before 4pm Monday)

Score Submission Form - must be submitted in order to get points for your team

Social Media Post Submission Form - submit up to once per day for extra team points

ALASKA TRAILS DONATION Form - Go here to donate. At bottom of donation form, please choose “Alaska Long Trail” under the “Please restrict my gift to” drop down menu

DONATION Submission Form - must submit donation receipt in order for donation amount to count/be valid!


Scoreboard Links

Week 1 Leaderboard

Overall Team Scoreboard (not yet functional for 2024) (let me know if you see any errors)


We know walking through the door is the hardest part. You take the first step and we’ll meet you where you are.