How to Register

Redox will be using StreamFitness, a new online video platform for its online "Redox Remote" classes. StreamFitness is a new platform.

In order to register, follow these instructions or watch this video:

  1. Visit
    • Click on the 3 lines in the top right corner

    • Click "sign in/register" in the bottom right

    • Input your phone number (or select "have you changed your phone number" if you'd rather use an email address)

    • check phone (or email) for code and input 5-digit code on next page

    • Select Athlete and agree to T's & C's
  1. Fill out profile information and upload a photo of yourself
  2. You are now ready to join a class.
    • Search for the Redox channel and all class times should be listed. You can join 10 minutes before a scheduled class.
  3. Please signup for all remote classes in advance in PushPress. They'll be scheduled at the same time as the evening ignition classes and will be called "Redox Remote"
    • This helps us see how much it gets utilized and make future decisions about adding or removing remote classes.
    • If you are simply watching a recording of a class, registration is not required