Mountain Strong - Women's Series

A seasonal special for a limited time & enrollment at Redox CrossFit

Mountain Strong FAQ

What is Mountain Strong?

A high-intensity workout class, designed and run by a Sports and Strength Certified Physical Therapist and Coach, to enhance your strength, stamina, and performance for the summer season upcoming.  Whether you have summer goals of hiking, running, or backpacking in the mountains this summer, this class will not only train you but also teach you how to be ready for strong and injury-free adventures all summer long.

When and Where are the classes?

We will meet on Fridays April 19-May 24th, 5:30-6:30 PM.  What other better way can you spend your Fridays after work celebrating the weekend and getting your sweat out?!

 We will meet at the Redox CrossFit gym with an EPIC space and equipment to train in!

Why a 6-weeks series?

Studies have proven it takes 6-8 weeks for muscular growth and strength gains, with consistency and dedication.  As a specialist physical therapist and coach, Dr. Nat has witnessed the tremendous gains in her patients, athletes, and herself with consistent strength training carryover into the activities and achieving goals.  

What will I learn and do?

You will learn the exercises that are categorized as power, strength, endurance, and sport-specific with specific amounts of intensity that will optimize your strength gains and enhance your performance.  You will also learn how to appreciate weight lifting.  ;)

What is Dr. Nat’s background?

Dr. Nat is not only a physical therapist, but also a certified orthopedic clinician specialist, a certified strength and conditioning specialist, and underwent training for upper extremity diagnosis, female athletes physiology, running analysis, and coaching.  When she is not a physical therapist, she is training in the weight room, rock climbing, running trails and mountains, skiing in the snow, and coaching divers at the Arctic Diving Club. 

Natalie Snyder, PT, DPT, OCS, COMT, CSCS.  


Who is Qualified?

For this series, which is women’s only, it is designed for 7 or 8 women who are free from any current injuries, love being in the mountains, have the motivation to try new challenges, and be a part of a small group environment that will inspire one another. 

Who is not Qualified?

Anybody who has an ongoing injury that is limiting them from doing their home chores or activities of daily living; please see your physical therapist to be cleared. :)