Our Belief:
You have the ability to run far beyond what you think you are capable. Your training history, lifestyle, living situation and goals are unique! You have untapped potential that can be discovered through a a fully personalized and constantly evolving training approach. This will enable you to navigate everyday life while keeping consistent progression in training! Frequent interaction and communication with your coach is the key to maximizing success.

How it works:
New Redox Running athletes complete a running history questionnaire and 30 minute consultation with Coach Taylor, our Redox Running Coach. You will discuss goals, training history, injuries, dreams, etc. Training is administered remotely through the Final Surge app which allows for daily communication and feedback after every workout.

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3 personalized workouts per week with daily interaction and feedback through the Final Surge App. Your workouts can be programmed for the following options:

  • Running for beginners and developing young athletes.
  • Running for crossfit or multisport athletes.
  • Obstacle course grip and strength training for runners.
  • Event specific strength training for runners.

For Redox CrossFit athletes, running programming will be designed to integrate with Redox class workouts.




Fully personalized running program for athletes to maximize their abilities on the road, track, trail or mountain. Includes daily interaction and feedback through the Final Surge App.

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Running + Strength

Comprehensive training program for runners and/or obstacle course racers. Designed to maximise running potential, develop event specific stength, and reduce the risk of injury. Includes daily interaction and feedback through the Final Surge App.


  • Individual or group session with form drills, video analyisis of running form, workout pacing and splits.
  • Guided workout on mountain/trail run.

30-Minute Private Session


1-Hour Private Session


Group Session


Coach Taylor Turney

Taylor ran Division II cross country and track, and currently competes professionally in Obstacle Course Racing and Mountain Running.  He is obsessed with finding and developing purpose for every detail in training. He is fully immersed in the latest running science and loves helping others achieve their full potential. Having spent the last 12 years competing through his own highs, lows, plateaus, and injuries… he can relate to the challenges of your running journey. His passion is helping athletes reach new peaks in life through running!

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