Running Coach


  • CrossFit Level 1


Taylor is not your typical CrossFit coach… as his primary passion is running. He first attempted CrossFit in 2014 when his wife Kristyn convinced him to try a “WOD”, whatever that was. As an athlete who loved a good challenge, he was thoroughly humbled, but hooked! He has been immersed in functional fitness since and earned his CFL1 in 2018.

As a running coach, he values functional strength training for injury prevention. He has found that through the proper balance of crossfit and endurance training, runners can build resiliency and athleticism that fosters long term health and performance. He has developed a passion for coaching athletes to achieve their best, and obsesses over how to optimally blend traditional endurance training with functional movement. He believes that every athlete can unlock their true potential through learning to move well.

Outside of coaching, Taylor spends the majority of his time adventuring with his family and competing professionally in obstacle course racing. He eats more food than his powerlifting total would suggest, and loves to run in the mountains.

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