Cycle 6 – Competition Season

Get your game face on!

Next week marks the beginning of “competition season” to coincide with The Open which is the culmination of our training year. What does this mean?
1) The weeks will have more a uniform structure than usual to accommodate the athletes doing the open workouts (Fri/Sat). Mon/Tues/Fri will be hard days and Wed/Thurs will be skill and/or aerobic work.
2) The hard days will serve as “end of year testing”. We will be doing some of the “Girls”.
3) You may start to feel more tired/sore/fatigued from the increase in training intensity. Do your best to stay on top of eating/sleeping/drinking water.
4) Hang tough! After Competition season, we will have a brief off season ~2wks of deload. During the deload we will dial volume and intensity way back as a means to recover and hit the metaphorical reset button on the training year.
Lets get ready to do some work team!
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