It’s GU order time!

GU is a supplement brand that I have used for the better part of a decade (Full disclosure: Most of that time I have been a part of their “Pro Program”).  Although I find that most of their products are geared towards endurance athletes and that’s where they, as a company, have their roots they are working to serve the larger athletic community.

One product I still use virtually every day is their hydration tabs.  The tabs are convenient pre-measured servings of electrolyte replacements that dissolve easily and have no added sugar. There is nothing worse than a sugary gut bomb with hidden powder pockets waiting to burst into gritty, sand explosions in your mouth. Am I right?!?

Anywho…on to the good stuff…all our members receive a 15% discount as a membership perk. This applies to pre-orders as well as retail sales. If you’re interested in pre-ordering a stash of Stroopwaffles for the car or some tabs for home (just examples), please complete our Pre-Order Form  by April 21st if interested. We will be placing the order on April 30th. If there are products you’re interested in that aren’t included on the form you can request on the bottom of the form.

If  you’d like to learn more about GU, here is The GU Story.

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